To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the founding of WhiteSpace Architects, we are seeking a worthy Hawaii-based 501(c)(3) non-profit to receive 35 hours of our pro bono architectural design services.

Depending on your organization’s needs, we can provide professional architectural guidance on a number of design issues including:

  • Assessment of existing facilities/safety and maintenance recommendations

  • Master planning

  • Conceptual site planning

  • Programming

The 35 hours could be used at your convenience any time before the end of 2019 as we hope to assist a local 501(c)(3) non-profit during our 35th year.

The deadline to apply is Friday, April 26.

We have created the following simple online application to learn more about how your facilities support the organization’s vision.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We are marking the 35th anniversary of the founding of WhiteSpace Architects this year. To celebrate, our principals Philip “Pip” White and Laura Ayers selected Maunalua Fishpond Heritage Center to receive 35 hours of pro bono architectural services.

Established in 2007, Maunalua Fishpond Heritage Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to preserve Honolulu’s last fishponds for community education.

At its request, WhiteSpace will provide professional architectural assistance with a framework for a strategic master plan with specific recommended actions, priorities and budgets to help the organization’s board of directors implement its vision.

We have also enlisted the help of Tommy Witten of PBR Hawaii (landscape/master planning), Clayton Hayes of Hayes Structural Design (structural engineering) and Colin Yoshiyama of Constructors Hawaii (general contractor), all of which will donate their hours to Maunalua Fishpond Heritage Center.

The 35 hours from WhiteSpace – in addition to the donated time from the project partners – will be used through the summer and fall 2019.

“Maunalua Fishpond Heritage Center is grateful to WhiteSpace Architects for its generosity and this terrific opportunity,” says Jeannine Johnson, board secretary of the Maunalua Fishpond Heritage Center. “We are gearing up for a capital campaign, and the work they have done conceptualizing our vision has been invaluable to our organization.”

“As we reviewed the applications after our March announcement of the donation program, Maunalua Fishpond Heritage Center stood out as a treasure that needs to be protected,” explains White. “Community service is part of my family lineage going back generations here in Hawaii, and giving back has become part of our company’s DNA.”

About Maunalua Fishpond Heritage Center

Established in 2007, Maunalua Fishpond Heritage Center is a nonprofit whose mission is to preserve and mālama Honolulu’s last fishponds for community education. We envision an East Oahu where the fish are plentiful, cultural and historical Hawaiian sites, especially fishponds, are restored and Native Hawaiian practices are perpetuated. E ho‘ōla kākou i nā loko i‘a a Maunalua – let us properly preserve the fishponds of Maunalua.

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About WhiteSpace Architects

WhiteSpace Architects is dedicated to innovative and environmentally conscious design that uniquely reflects the setting, the climate and the character of the client. The award-winning Honolulu firm is nationally recognized for creating places – and spaces – that enhance, inspire and enrich people’s lives.

Founded as Philip White Architects, WhiteSpace Architects is grounded in a strong spirit of purpose and a deep understanding of design, whether commercial, residential or institutional.

The firm is celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2019.