Classic Paniolo Home brought to 21st Century

Clean lines blend with the natural beauty of the Big Island, where the new Anekona Residence optimizes picture-perfect panoramic views of Mauna Loa, Mauna Kea, and Hualalai. The design utilizes two buildings uniquely placed and interconnected on the site to take advantage of an abundance of light and natural ventilation, while protecting living spaces from the strong winds common to the area. The materials — wood framing and siding topped with a sheet-metal roof — connect the home in tone and palette to the natural landscape.

“WhiteSpace Architects has a great understanding of light and ventilation, two elements critical to local design.  Because of this, our house is both bright and open. The aesthetics of design are subjective. Listening to our ideas, WhiteSpace has taken the classic Hawaiian Paniolo house design and brought it into the 21st century.”    – Anekona Residence Homeowner