2016 AIA-Hawaii Mayor’s Choice Award

In the heart of Kailua town, the contemporary design and innovative sustainability strategies of the 143 Hekili Street building create a new space for popular local eateries and retail shops.

The design concept for 143 Hekili began out of the owner’s desire to create a vibrant and pedestrian-friendly commercial area that would fit into the unique fabric of Kailua’s beach town feel. The idea was to combine a fresh, colorful, and modern feel with hints of classic Hawaiʻi materials and spaces – all with sustainability concepts in mind. This was achieved through a variety of design strategies, from the organization of circulation and spaces to the careful selection of materiality and landscape.

The WhiteSpace Architects approach to design always takes into consideration how people live and interact with architecture. We want to encourage the pedestrian and bike-friendly atmosphere, and we included covered arcades and walkways to provide ideal spaces for casual strolling and outdoor dining.

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