We Are Inspired By People and Places
Our inspiration for each project is unique to its site, often coming from the land, the community, the climate, or the client. In our architecture we reach for the moment when inspiration and creativity come together in a design.

Designed to Engage

Incorporating the Outdoor Environment into Interior Spaces
Mindfully-designed structures not only belong in their environments, but also create a sense of belonging in their visitors. This is particularly apparent in places of learning and respite. For Philip White and his team, this concept was at the helm of three distinctive projects: The Hawaii Nature Center, Molokai Lodge, and Hawaii Maritime Center. Increasing the perceived value of these under-appreciated facets of Hawaiian heritage – finite natural resources, ranching culture, and maritime tradition – presented a welcome challenge.

Award-Winning Program Gets a Boost

Inspired by the Evolution in New Media and Education
The new 8,500-square-foot facility will be located on the site of the current one, which is located on the western side of the Waianae High campus. The award-winning program has long outgrown the two buildings (totaling approximately 5,500 square feet) that Searider Productions currently uses.

Honolulu Coffee Experience

Wins BIA-Hawaii Overall Grand Award
WhiteSpace Architects transformed a dilapidated ‘80s icon, the old Hard Rock Cafe on Kalakaua, into Honolulu Coffee Company’s new flagship café and coffee experience, saving an old building in the heart of Ala Moana and creating a showcase of coffee from field to cup.