Residential Architecture
Our residential designs embrace our clients’ varying tastes and lifestyles while creating timeless, contemporary tropical spaces. The homes shown here demonstrate various design solutions to the distinctly different microclimates of the Hawaiian Islands. Through thoughtful detailing and refinement, they blend seamlessly with their surroundings.
Our Process
01 Concept
We approach each project with an open mind and collaborate with our clients to define and refine conceptual ideas. First, we visit the site and listen to our client’s individual needs and aspirations for the project. Then, we generate several concepts for their consideration based on their needs and our sense of design.
02 Composition
Once the concept has taken shape, we will work closely with our clients to compose the other elements of the design.
03 Construction
We continue our open and collaborative working process into construction, ensuring that our shared vision for the design becomes realized. We engage closely with the contractor to deliver the best possible project to our clients.