Whitespace Overview

Get to know the WhiteSpace team and their philosophy on design, values and client approach.

Our Design Aesthetic

No cookie cutter approach here. Designs are directed by client needs and the way people live in Hawaii.

One of my Favorite Projects

Pip remarks how proud he was with the camps at Molokai project. It was designed with local people in mind and how the local community embraced it.

Benefits of Great Design

Pip discusses the physical environment and its effect on design.

Handling Project Challenges

Every project has challenges, however, innovative problem solving is how WhiteSpace tackles these issues.

What Clients Can Expect

Clients can expect a professional, yet relaxed experience that is personally focused on project satisfaction.

On Trends of Architectural Design

Following trends are not the firm’s approach to design, but rather based on overall functionality and how it fits into the surrounding environment.